Community Episode Review: A Fistful of Paintballs

This episode is the first of the two part season 2 finale of Community.

This episode starts off by seeing Mike with his fellow gang chasing Neil down the hallway with paintball guns. Annie interrupts at the end of the hall and shoots all three people saving Neil. Neil then reaches for a paintball gun but gets shot as he tries to use the gun to shoot Annie. Starting off the episode with Annie in charge and saying, “This is Paintball.”

This episode of Community was filled with a good mix of excitement and comedy. The episode has adventure and jokes and is a great episode for any Community fan who has been watching through the season.

The episode will be enjoyable for all, but if you have not been a fan of the show since day one, it will be a bit confusing. The whole episode has a ‘Western’ demeanor and theme and some people might think this is how the show usually is or be confused as this departs from the normal tone of the show. Along with this, it is the first part of the season 2 finale, it references the season 1 finale “Modern Warfare”, which was a paintball contest as well, which many new viewers may not know, although the satire and references very obviously hint at previous episodes.

On another note, this episode everyone has everyone very involved in the plot and subplots and is hard to keep up with if you are unaware of the show.

With this said, even if you are just getting into Community and this is one of the first episodes you choose, just be prepared to be extra vigilant, this episode was definitely made for the veteran fans not as much for any newbies to the series.

Speaking of the veteran fans, this episode is a perfect summation of season 2, along with referencing the season one finale, the paintball contest being set in “cowboy times” and all the subtle tones of the characters specifically done for this episode in particular you will thoroughly enjoy this season finale.

The episode is equipped with puns and jokes that withdraw from the theme of the episode, and show the characters true personalities to add humor to the show and keep the viewers invoked and laughing along the way.

The episode is very addicting and funny to anyone who is watching, and will have everybody in stitches by the end of the episode. On top of this at the end of the episode, the Pistol Patty’s van is opened to reveal that there is a white paintball team dressed up in full paintball gear along with Pistol Patty announcing to the team they cannot let Greendale win and announces they will be engaging in “Operation Total Invasion”, with a blank screen before the credits, leaving the viewers excited for the ‘to be continued’ episode of this exciting season finale.

This episode has a unique theme, filled with laughs, references from previous episodes, and a great way to end the season with the entire cast. It has something for everyone including a little extra for Community’s loyal fans.